International DADA Livestream Part 2

Tuesday November 16, 2021


November 13, 2021

Featuring: Mitsu Salmon @mitsusalmon Cristal Sabbagh @cristalsabbagh Sky Goodman @sci_fi_mascara Zoe Darling @zoedarling2 Natalia Nicholson @nnicholson69 myself @01saratonin + TBA

This series focuses on the moments of co-creation and gives the artists a play-space to discover new ways of working together and interacting with the audience. This "double-header" performance gives us all space to find the power of working together in the unknown, possibilities for Queering space, and the beauty in re-starting while making art!


In-person audience invited 4:20pm & 7:30pm You must be vaccinated to enter Elastic Arts. Please wear a mask.

-OR- Stream it LIVE online at 4:20 & 8pm; This is a ripe time for working simultaneously at home and across continents and oceans. We are traversing into never-before-experienced combinations of sounds, images, text, motion, and interactions. 3a.jpg