Cephalopedia 2017-2019
Cephalopedia is a loose-knit international group of experimental artists and performers, combining traditional and innovative sound media, dance and theatre, with a neuroscience edge.
Our performances involve improvisation, chance and audience participation, as well as an interweaving of structures that allow an exploration of our group commitment to creative learning and changing states of consciousness.
Featuring: Aiste Noreikaite, Berenice Benjelloun, David Mayor, Inês Rolo Amado Martha Hellion, Olly Dowlen, Tony Steffert, Zoë Dowlen and a cast of thousands.

Hazard Zone 2017-2019
A collaborative dance/art project with Zdenka Svíteková. Exploring the body as landscape through the investigation of touch.

Tea Party this way! Kunst Museum Luzern, Nov 2019
A taste of Victorian Life: Conversations by the gramophone, dancing, canapés and other delights.
Die Gelegenheit für kultivierte Begegnungen mit Koryphäen von nah und fern – throw a smile, make new friends! Organised In collaboration with Sabina Oehninger and Anita Zumbühl, featuring: Nora de Baan, Regula Bühler, Alice Busani, Rolf Gisler, Esther Leupi, Reto Leuthold, Paul Lipp, Raphael Loher, Luigi Mazzieri, Timo Müller, Andrea Münch, Vicky Papailliou, David Schmidhauser, Rahel Steiner, u.a.

Hot Air 2016
2016 SAR Conference, Writing as Practice Practice as Writing, Den Haag
Florian Dombois, Haseeb Ahmed, Martin Burr, Zoë Dowlen, Mika Elo, Julie Harboe, Lucie Kolb, Kaspar König, Jacob Lillemose, Sarine Waltenspül, Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland.